Apr - 06


There are many advantages to using steel when compared to traditional methods. Off the bat, the strength provided by steel structures far surpasses the capabilities of wood. Steel buildings have a much higher durability when it comes to extreme temperatures, and all our buildings are equipped to handle the heavy snow load we experience here in the Rockies. Seismic concerns are also a part of living near fault lines, and many studies have demonstrated the capacity of steel to withstand earthquakes without seismic induced building failures. This greatly extends the life of your building, increasing the value of your investment and providing peace of mind.

Additionally, pre-engineered structural steel allows our contractors to assemble your building in record speed. Our contractors are experienced and understand how to navigate the landscape of efficiently constructing these buildings and we all know building faster directly translates to your bottom line. Due to the simple nature of the construction process, often large projects can be completed within a few weeks to a couple months.

When considering the life of your building, experts suggest steel as the preferred method. Steel significantly reduces maintenance costs as steel buildings require little to no maintenance after construction and are widely known to be energy efficient. This means saving you time and money in the future. Steel is also recyclable, making removal considerably easy.

Obviously, here at Ellis, we’re biased toward our unabashed love for building with steel. If steel is an avenue you are considering as you plan for your project we encourage you to contact us. We’re happy to provide more details about the many benefits of choosing Ellis. We’re positive you’ll end up loving it as much as we do.


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